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bilhar deluxe

Pool Deluxe

This game has a
very good graphic
and also allows
put in effect


Billiards Pool

This game one
opponent must
kill balls
pairs and other
odd balls
(which is full).

batalha de bilhar online multiplayer

Billiards Battle

This is with other
players OnLine

The 2 to play
while who kill
more balls more
quick wins!

Bilhar na Prisão Prison Pockets

Has Snooker table
in prison?

bilhar multijogadores

Billiard ball 15

In this pool of 15
balls you can play
with others online.
One kills the solid
ball color and other
kills slashed balls.

Pow Pool Pow Pool

Pool explosive
a table 3D.

lighting break Lighting Break

Pocketed in
Following the game
ask, for example:
a red (red)
and one of any color.

This will vary from
according to the phases.

Lightning Pool 2 Lightning Pool 2

Billiards interesting
phases and different
up with a mix
football and snooker.
bolas explosivas Blast Billiards

In this pool you
should worry
with time because
the end balls
explode and the game
Pool Profit Pool Profit 2

Interesting table
showing the path
the white ball.

Snooker Game
with good graphics.

Sinuca ou Snooker Snooker

Pool known
English as a rule or
Snooker, you need
kill a ball
red and then
one color.
2 = yellow
3 = green ... etc..

rule snooker / pool here

Shuffle Shuffle

Is not
a game of pool,
but involves balls,
angles and shots.
Quero Jogar
Bilhar Blitz Billiard Blitz 2

Good for training
pool, this shows
the trajectory of
the balls.
Pool Pool Master

Graph pretty cool,
and gives to play
against cpu.

Explosivas Explosive Balls 4.0

It's the same balls
explosive but
new challenges
in 4.0
Power Pool Power Pool 2

Billiards with various
resources and tables
of different formats.
bilhar com lindas adversárias

Pretty Girls

Who does not like
play billiards with a
pretty girls?

Is there a chance.

Pandemonium Pandemonium Pool

Billiards with various themes
very different from
space until
Bilhar 3D

3D Billiards

This is a pool
in three dimensions

master pool 3d Master Pool 3D

Have a good 3D graphics.

It's worth checking.

Bilhar em Shockwave

Shockwave Billiards

This is one of the most
complete, you can see
the table several
angles and 3
dimensions, but
need the plug-in
shockwave installed.

Bilhar bem Diferente

Crazy Pool 2

As the name suggests,
this game is quite different
no pocket, the goal
is that the balls of the same
color is conflict, each
phase has a new item.

9 ball

9 Ball very good

Another pool rule
9 ball (nine ball)

The graphics of this
game is pretty cool.

Truques de Sinuca Trick Pool

Legal also
multiple new
as level.
Tartarugas Turtle Pool

Billiards with
turtles, little game
good to pass
time. click
white making
with two
the same color if
9 ball Pool Bomb

More billiards with a
explosive balls, but
this is more difficult,
stroke should be more
9 ball 9 Ball

This is one of the games
most played in the U.S.
you must kill all
balls after
and finally the ball 9.
Billiards Billiards Frenzy

Small Pool game,
but cool,
must give the shots
without missing the

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